What Does The Future Of Sex Cam Websites Look Like?

If you are a passionate user of sex cam websites and chatrooms (like we are), you might be wondering what the future of these popular platforms holds. We won’t be beating around the bush for too long – it is looking pretty bright!

Here’s the boiled down version why:

  • Adult entertainment industry is flourishing now more than ever
  • The market is growing rapidly
  • The viewer will gain much more control over “the action” via various interacting gadgets.

Intrigued? Of course you are. But it gets even better.
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A Threat To The Adult Film Industry?

The folks over at alternet.com have been chatting with one of the organizers of the EXXXOTICA Fan Choice Awards and they found out some rather satisfying details regarding the future of sex cam websites.

Aside from introducing the “Webcam Girl Of The Year” award, one of the directors mentioned that the sex cam related categories are generating the highest online traffickedcurrently in the industry, and that it won’t stop there.

“Web cams have certainly gotten bigger and more prominent over the past five years, but that being said they’re also being compared to a large majority of the rest of the adult industry, which is kind of withering away. So not only have they gotten bigger, but everything else has gotten smaller,” says one of the directors, and adds:

“For that reason it looks like they have a larger cut of the pie of the adult entertainment industry.”

“The adult entertainment world is no longer ruled by three top adult stars. There are hundreds of them, and then when you bring in the webcam girls there are thousands of them. So financially, it has a much broader appeal.”

And now, for the grand finale, let’s see:

Why You Will Enjoy Sex Cam Platforms Even More In Near Future

Much like any other industry, adult web cam websites are evolving. Soon, the idea of using green screen technology is about to become reality. This way sex cam models will be able to put themselves in literally any context they want (or you wish for), without never having to leave the coziness of their bedrooms.

But the innovation won’t stop there.

Nikki Night, the main lady behind performer development and training at Cam4, one of the world’s largest sex cam websites at the moment, had this to say for alternet.com:

“The future of camming, I think, is going to be things to make it even more interactive. The whole glitz of, you can talk to the person who’s masturbating onscreen is still titillating, if you will. But I think the future will be about giving the viewer even more control.”

By “more control” she mentioned vibrators you can control with a phone app. The user will, with this particular app, be able to control what they see on screen, directly interact with the sex cam model and have their hand in the whole process, if you know what I mean.

Interactive indeed!

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